Why are we trying to bubble wrap our kids?

Why are we trying to bubble wrap our kids?

This morning I was sitting down to enjoy my cup of coffee, the baby had just gone down for a nap, so I took advantage of the free time to open my laptop and browse the news.  I came across a story that was covered on the Today show about a school in Washington that tried to ban the playing of tag during recess (you can see the story here if you’d like).  The parents of these kids were having no part of it so they successfully rallied together and convinced the school not to enforce this new rule.

This left me wondering, why are we trying to bubble wrap our kids?

Now I must disclose that my son is only 9 months old, so I still have plenty of time before I have to deal with school yard issues.  But it just seems to me that every day there is a new report on some new movement to ban or change *insert pretty much any aspect of childhood and life here* under the guise of “protecting the kids.”  Score is no longer kept during athletic games, kids are given trophies just for showing up, and now when a school tries to enforce a dress code not only do the kids protest, but their parents back them up!  You already hear about a generation of young adults feeling like they’re entitled to everything, like they should just be handed things without working towards it…any ideas where this could be coming from?

I’m not trying to sound like some cranky person griping about how things were so much more difficult in my day, the truth is I’m only in my early 30’s and I grew up in a comfortable household.  I’m also not trying to pretend to be some expert in child rearing who has all of the answers, but I do feel that making everything so easy for our kids is doing them more harm than good.  The reality of life is that it’s not all going to be sunshine and roses; there is competition, there are mean people, there are people more talented than you, etc.  There are many difficult situations that you will be faced with and childhood is the time to learn how to deal with all of these scenarios.  Keeping score in sports games helps us learn how to be good winners and good losers; showing up to your commitments should be expected of everyone, not rewarded as if you’re doing something extraordinary; having a dress code is a stepping stone towards learning what’s appropriate attire for a workplace environment; and when a child gets a bad grade their parents should go in to talk to the teacher about how to help them improve, not to argue with the teacher and demand that they change their child’s grade.

I applaud the eternal attempt by parents to give their kids a better life than they had, but giving them better shouldn’t mean easier.  Making a child’s environment safer shouldn’t mean surrounding them in bubble wrap by taking away any and all activities that just might possibly maybe lead to a bruise or two.  Childhood is the time to learn cause and effect, to learn how to deal with a not so nice person, the time to teach them to be kind, the time to teach them how to accept when someone else wins the prize and how to be gracious when you are the one who wins the prize.  Children who do not learn these important lessons grow up to be adults who still did not learn those lessons.

I know I’m just starting out in the parenting world, but I firmly believe that sheltering your kids from anything slightly negative does not help them in the long run.  I hope that by the time my child reaches school age society will have gotten past this overprotective trend and be moving towards a middle ground.  Let’s protect our kids, but let’s make sure they learn life’s important lessons too.

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

Always the foreigner

always the foreigner, travel

Do you know that feeling when you’re in a room filled with people, but you know that you stand out?  Even if you’re dressed the same way, doing the same thing, there is still just something different about you?  That’s kind of what it’s like being an expat.  As much as you love and enjoy where you’re living, you’re still that person who isn’t from around there.

I grew up as what they like to call a 3rd culture kid.  Both of my parents are from different countries (Canada and El Salvador) and they moved around so my brother and I were raised in a few different countries.  For this reason I have spent most of my life living in countries other than the two that I am from.  As a result, when I’m in Canada I’m the foreigner because I did not grow up there, then when I’m in El Salvador I’m also the foreigner because I did not grow up there either.  But when I go anywhere else I’m still the foreigner because I am not a citizen of those places either.  So basically, no matter where I am, I’m always seen as the foreigner by most people.  This is both a beautiful and a frustrating thing. The frustration comes from other people thinking they get to decide where you are from.  Many people think you have to live in one place for most, if not all, of you life in order for it to be your home.  The beauty of the way I was raised is that I got to see different cultures, learn different ways of doing things, and all the while still having somewhere I could consider a home base.  It’s true that I will never know what it’s like to have a best friend that I’ve known since kindergarten, but I do know what it’s like to have friends all over the world.  Growing up as a foreigner gives you an appreciation for different cultures and different ways of thinking.  It’s made me who I am and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now that I’m married and with a baby, my husband and I are expats once again (we live in Puerto Rico).  Sure, it can get lonely when you’re missing family.  Especially with a new baby, I find myself having days where all I want is to be near family so that my son can grow up with his grandparents close by.  But when I have a day like that I just try to remind myself of all of the great things about this life because there are so many positives.  We get to live the beautiful experience of calling the Caribbean home, and we get to learn about a brand new culture that we haven’t experienced before.  Not to mention all of the people we have met here that are also expats and from various countries all over the world.

If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone who is preparing to embark on the life of an expat for the first time it would be to keep yourself open.  Open to new experiences, open to new cultures, and open to diversity.  Take advantage of the opportunity to discover your new destination.  By which I don’t mean to simply go and hit all of the tourist spots, I mean don’t close yourself off by surrounding yourself only with other expats that are also from the place you’re from.  I’ve seen this happen many times.  A lot of people prefer to socialize only with those who are from the same country as themselves.  I think it’s better to keep yourself open to locals as well as to fellow expats from around the world.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a community of people who have a similar background to yours, but sometimes people can miss the beauty of a new place because they concentrate only on what they left behind.  Treasure your home base and your past, it’s why you are who you are, just keep yourself open to truly enjoy you’re new surroundings, you might be surprised by how rewarding that can be.

Let’s finish the mom war


The day I found out I was pregnant was the happiest day of my life.  My husband and I, just like so many other couples, struggled for several years to conceive a child.  So when I realized that I had a beautiful miracle growing inside of me I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion.  Since that day I have done my absolute best, every single day, to be a good mother to my baby.  And like many other women I was surprised by certain realities about pregnancy and motherhood that no one prepares you for.  But the most shocking reality that I was completely unprepared for was the “mom shaming” (also known as the “mommy wars”).  I was not expecting mothers to be so critical about other mothers, and it starts from the moment you are pregnant.  First it’s all about what you’re eating (or not eating), which vitamins are you taking, are you exercising, how will you decorate the nursery, and will you have the dreaded c-section.  So many women look down upon any mother who had a c-section assuming she “took the easy way out” (which if you’ve ever had one you know there is absolutely nothing easy about it) without even considering that she probably had medical circumstances that required it.  Then once the baby arrives it’s all about if you breastfeed, how do you breastfeed, don’t you dare feed them formula, what diapers do you use, what shampoo do you use, etc.  And this criticism just goes on and on as your precious baby grows through the different stages of life.

When did mom’s become so critical?

Here’s my message to all of those bully moms out there: give it a rest!  Don’t judge another mother for her choices.  You never know what is behind that choice, we all have different circumstances in life and that influences the decisions we make.  Most women who have c-section births do so because a natural one would be too dangerous to the baby and/or her.  Some moms don’t breastfeed because they’re on important life saving medication that they need to take but it would be harmful for the baby to ingest.  Some moms choose to feed their babies only organic foods, while others don’t see the need for it.  Some moms make all of their baby food while others prefer to purchase.  None of these decisions are bad ones, they’re all just different options and each mom must figure out what is best for her and her baby.  Lets stop the judgement.  After all, every mom out there is just trying to do the best she can for her family.  We all want our babies to grow into happy, healthy adults, and we’re all just doing the best that we can.  Every mom has moments of self-doubt, every mom is her own worst critic, the last thing any mom needs is to also deal with judgement from others.

So lets all make a commitment to celebrate and uplift all mom’s.  Lets support and build each other up.  Let’s all join the mommitment movement and do our best to be kind and to spread love to all mom’s.


Como muchas parejas, mi esposo y yo luchamos durante varios años para poder conseguir un embarazo, y el día que nos enteramos que estábamos esperando a un angelito fue el día mas feliz de nuestros vidas.  Desde ese día he esforzado a darle todo lo mejor a mi bebe.  Y como muchas mujeres me sorprendí con ciertas realidades de un embarazo y de ser mamá que no esperaba.  Pero lo más preocupante de todo es la falta de apoyo que demuestran muchas madres hacia otras madres (conocido como la “la guerra de mamás”).  Muchas mujeres comienzan a criticar a otras desde el momento que están embarazadas, critican lo que comen, lo que hacen, si toman vitaminas, como decoraran el cuarto del bebé, si tendrán parto natural o cesárea, etc.  Hay muchas mujeres que dicen que una mujer que da a luz por medio de un cesárea es porque no quiere hacer el trabajo de un parto natural y solo busca una opción fácil (pues si creen que un cesárea es fácil entonces es obvio que nunca lo ha experimentado).   Después critican si amamantas, si lo están haciendo bien, si le das formula a tu bebé, que tipo de pañal usas, etc.  Nunca tiene fin, las criticas siguen con cada etapa de la vida de tu bebé.

¿En que momento tantas madres comenzaron a juzgar tanto?

A todas esas mamás les quiero pedir que ya dejen de criticar tanto.  No tienen derecho de juzgar cada decisión que toma una madre cuando ni conocen las circunstancia de su vida.  Muchas mujeres deben someterse a un parto por cesárea por razones médicas que impiden el parto natural.  Muchas mamás deben alimentar a sus bebés con formula ya que ellas deben tomar medicamentos y seria peligroso pasarlo al bebé.  Algunas madres deciden cocinar toda la comida que da a su bebé, otras deciden comprarla, alguna solo compran comida orgánica mientras que otras no ven la necesidad, algunas usan pañales desechable y otras optan por pañales de tela.  Ninguna de estas opciones son malas o equivocadas, simplemente son diferentes y cada madre debe decidir que es lo que mejor conviene para su familia.  Por favor, no juzguemos.  Todas queremos hacer lo mejor para nuestros hijos.  Todas nos esforzamos a diario para ser la mamá que nuestros hijos merecen.  Todas tenemos momentos en que dudamos nuestras decisiones, todas nos autocriticamos, no necesitamos también luchar contra las criticas de los demás.

Les pido a todas este compromiso; apoyo.  Debemos apoyarnos mutuamente, hagamos el compromiso para demostrar siempre amor y apoyo.

Baby proofing; do I really need to?


We reached an exciting milestone yesterday, my little guy crawled for the first time!  I knew it was coming, he’s been so close to crawling for a while now, but yesterday he actually did a proper crawl across the room.  So exciting!  I love seeing him reach his milestones and just grow and discover this world.  Now that the excitement of the moment has passed I need to think about something really important, baby proofing!

Where do I start?  How much is really necessary?

Ok so I definitely need to do some baby proofing, unless I plan on having someone literally watch him and be right by him at all times, and that’s just not going to happen.  So it’s time to make this house a safer environment for a baby on the move.  There is soooooo much baby proofing stuff out there it can be very overwhelming.  I mean is all of this stuff really necessary?  I know my parents didn’t have all of these things when I was a baby and here I am, still happy and healthy!  So I’ve decided to take things slowly.  I’m going to keep a close eye on my little guy and see what kind of mischief he gets up to and take measures based on that.  The three main proofing things I have already done is place a baby gate to block what is essentially a junk room, I’ve covered all of our electrical outlets, and I’ve baby proofed the doors to the kitchen cupboards that contain chemicals.  Other than that I’m going to wait and see if any of that other stuff is really necessary.  I’ve talked to a lot of moms and most of them say that much of the other baby proofing things are just unnecessary money grabs.  So wish me luck, we’ll see how it goes!

If you have any tips I should know about just let me know!  Comment, send me a Facebook message or tweet me!

¡Ayer mi hijo gateo por primera vez!  Es súper emocionante verlo lograr estas etapas importantes de la vida, me pongo algo sentimental cada vez que aprende algo nuevo.  Ahora que va a estar moviendo por si mismo debo pensar en como protegerlo y tomar las medidas de seguridad apropiadas en la casa.  ¿Pero que tanto es realmente necesario?  Hay tantas cosas que uno puede comprar para proteger al bebe en la casa, sin embargo después de consultar con varias mamás, muchos de esos productos realmente no son necesarios.  Ya instale una reja para bloquear un cuarto que básicamente es un guarda todo, cubrí todas las tomas eléctricas, e instale seguros a prueba de niños para que no puede abrir la gaveta de la cocina que contiene los químicos (jabón, etc.).  Por el momento eso es todo lo que voy a hacer, prefiero vigilarlo bien y esperar a ver si será necesario instalar alguna otra medida de seguridad.  Lo que quiero evitar es comprar muchas cosas que al final ni son necesarias.  Cada niño es diferente, hay que ver que tipo de travesuras va a inventar.

Si tiene una recomendación me encantaría escucharla, envíame un mensaje aquí, en mi página de facebook, o en twitter.

Living in a severe drought


We live in Puerto Rico, and for those who do not know, the Caribbean region is in the midst of a severe drought.  The drought here is so severe that there are thousands of people who are being subjected to water rationing, including my family.  So what does this mean?  Well it means that we only get water service one out of every three days, plus we don’t have a cistern in our house.  Clearly this is not ideal, however it is manageable.  Until recently many people were only receiving water twice a week, thankfully we have received rain over the past few weeks which has helped to somewhat alleviate the dire situations.  The islands’ water reservoirs (especially the two major ones) are still in a bad state so water rationing will continue for the foreseeable future.  We will keep hoping and praying for more rain, but in the meantime here are some tips and tricks to living with water rationing (should you ever find yourself living through one).

  1. If you do not have a cistern then get some large storage bins that you can fill with water.  But remember to just store what you will need and be conservative in your usage!  Also make sure that you use bins that have lids so that the water does not become contaminated.
  2. Try to cook one dish meals.  Cooking can produce many dirty pots and pans that need cleaning, so try and make dishes that can be cooked in just one pot.  Not only will this cut down on the water you will use for cleaning, but it also cuts down on how many things YOU need to clean, bonus!
  3. Barbecue!  If you have a barbecue then get to grilling.  Grilled food is super tasty plus you won’t use any pots or pans that will just need to be cleaned afterwards.
  4. When it comes time to clean the floors please remember, you do not need to fill up the entire bucket with water in order to get clean floors.  About a quarter of the bucket is probably all you need to clean your house.
  5. When you do have water service do not leave the water running at any time!  This is a great tip even if you’re not living in a drought.  Too often we leave the water running (brushing our teeth, washing dishes, etc) and this can produce a lot of waste.
  6. Clothes do not necessarily need to be cleaned after each wear.  Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not suggesting you walk around in dirty clothes.  But the truth is that often times we wear something and it really doesn’t get dirty.  Maybe you only wore that sweater for a couple of hours at the movies?  If it’s not dirty, don’t wash it, just fold it back up (maybe iron if necessary), and put it back in the closet for the next time.
  7. When it comes time to shower try the sponge bath method.  Using a face cloth or sponge to clean up can really cut down on the amount of water you use instead of just dumping bucket after bucket over yourself.  Also avoid washing your hair every day if it’s not necessary.  Especially for girls who have long hair, that can take a lot of water to shampoo and you can always tie your hair back on a no shampoo day.
  8. Finally, remember the water you stored in bins?  Don’t toss it out!  Just because your water service came back doesn’t mean you should toss out the water you stored.  Make sure you use every drop, don’t waste this precious commodity!

All of these suggestions are things that have worked for me and my family while we live through the worst drought Puerto Rico has suffered in about 20 years.  Each family dynamic is different so find what works best for you.  And remember, it’s important to always be conservative with our water usage.  Even if you’re not in a drought water is a precious commodity that should never be wasted!

Vivimos en Puerto Rico, y para los que no saben, la región del caribe esta viviendo una sequía severa.  Como consecuencia miles de personas en Puerto Rico están bajo planes de racionamiento con el agua potable, incluyendo mi familia.  Esto significa que ya no contamos con servicio de agua potable todos los días, sino que estamos en un plan de recibir agua uno de cada tres días (es decir, un día con agua y dos días sin).  Para hacerlo más complicado, nuestra casa no cuenta con cisterna.  Esto no es lo ideal, sin embargo si es manejable.  Seguimos rezando para lluvia, y que esa lluvia cae sobre los embalses, mientras tanto hacemos lo posible para conservar el agua y no desperdiciarla.  Aquí les detallo unas recomendaciones para conservar el agua y para sobrevivir con un plan de racionamiento:

  1. Si tu casa no cuenta con cisterna puedes conseguir recipientes grandes y llenarlos de agua.  Asegura de usar recipientes con tapaderas para que no se contamine el agua que estas almacenando.  Es muy importante que solo guardes el agua que realmente necesitas, ¡no almacenes más de la cuenta!
  2. A la hora de cocinar trata de que sean platos que usan menos utensilios en su preparación.  Cocine algo que solo necesita una olla, así tienes menos que limpiar después, es más fácil para ti y también conservaras agua a la hora de limpiar.
  3. Cocine con la barbacoa.  No solamente es rico pero también tendrás menos cosas que limpiar después, ahorrando el agua a la hora de limpiar.
  4. A la hora de limpiar los pisos recuerde que no necesitas llenar todo el balde con agua, solo necesitas un poco de agua para limpiar bien los pisos.
  5. Cuando cuentas con servicio de agua no dejes el grifo abierto.  Muchas veces dejamos el agua corriendo mientras que nos cepillamos los dientes, o lavamos trastes, etc., es importante cerrar el grifo cuando no estamos utilizando el agua.
  6. No siempre es necesario lavar la ropa después de un solo uso.  Si solo usaste un sweater por las dos horas que estabas en el cine, a lo mejor aun esta limpio, en este caso no es necesario gastar el agua lavándolo.
  7. Cuando te vas a bañar y no tienes servicio de agua, te recomiendo utilizar una toallita para enjuagarte en vez de solo botar balde tras balde de agua encima.
  8. Por último, asegura de siempre usar cada gota de agua que almacenaste.  Aun cuando regresa el servicio de agua, no botes lo que guardaste, ¡no hay que desperdiciar nada!

Todas estas recomendaciones han sido de mucho provecho para mi y mi familia.  Estamos viviendo la peor sequía de Puerto Rico en 20 años y todos tenemos que hacer nuestra parte para conservar el agua.  Recuerda, no deberíamos de esperar una seguía para conservar el agua, siempre debemos ser cuidadosos y responsables con nuestro uso del agua.

Date night with Marc Anthony


No I am not going on a date with Marc Anthony.  But my hubby is taking me to see him in concert for our date night tonight!  To say I’m excited is a big understatement.  Not only will I get to see one of my favourite artists in concert, but we’re getting an adults only evening!  Our baby is just 8 months old, so we don’t get out much.  Usually our outings consist of anything that is family friendly.  And don’t get me wrong, I love the time the 3 of us spend together, but parents also need to break free and have their adult time.  It’s important to reconnect as adults, as friends, and as the couple that you are.  Making your relationship a priority is very important for a marriage, and making your marriage a priority is very important not only to you but also to your children.  It’s not easy leaving the baby at home, when I’m out without my little guy I always feel like I’m missing a limb.  But he’s no longer a newborn, and he’s sleeping through the night, so it’s time to start going out as just us.  So yay date night!

No, no tengo una cita con Marc Anthony.  ¡Pero si tengo una cita con mi esposo y vamos a su concierto!  Estoy súper emocionada no solo por el concierto sino porque también al fin tendremos una noche de solo adultos.  Nuestro bebe tiene 8 meses, por lo cual tenemos mucho tiempo de no salir solos.  Si salimos mucho en familia, y me encanta compartir ese tiempo con mis muchachos, pero también es importante compartir tiempo como pareja.  Hay que darle prioridad a tu relación para la salud de tu matrimonio, no todo puede girar alrededor del bebé.  No es fácil dejar al bebé en casa, cuando salgo sin él me siento incompleta.  Pero ya no es un recién nacido, ya duerme toda la noche, por lo cual ya es el momento para retomar las citas con mi esposo.  ¡Yey!

Play dates; they’re not just for kids


Hooray for play date Wednesday!  As all other parents, I’m always looking for ways to keep my baby happy, healthy, and entertained.  As he grows he’s getting more and more curious, as well as more energetic and mobile.  My little guy is also on the shy side, so play dates are a perfect way for him to socialize, have some fun, and expel some of that energy.  Today we went to a nice children’s play area in The Mall of San Juan.  It’s great because it has a super soft squishy floor which is perfect for babies learning to crawl and move about, plus it also has several stationary objects for the toddlers to climb and discover.  I really recommend you find places similar to this in your hometown so you can have a safe, comfortable place to take your kids.

But lets not forget another great reason to plan play dates; it’s a fabulous way to also get in some adult conversation!  Let’s be honest, we adore our children and love every moment we spend with them, but we also need some adult interaction to help keep us sane.  So what’s better than combining fun entertainment for them and adult conversation for us?  And I know all of you mom’s out there have the diaper bag packing down to a science, but when you’re going on a play date don’t forget to pack for yourself as well!  Sometimes the babies are having so much fun playing together that time can get away from you.  So pack your snacks, coffee, water, whatever it is that you need to keep mommy happy as well.

Al igual como cualquier mamá, siempre estoy buscando como mantener a mi bebe contento, saludable, y ¡entretenido!  Cada día es más curioso y con más energía.  Me encanta organizar las citas para jugar ya que le da oportunidad para desgastar su energía, además de socializar ya que es un bebé un poco tímido.  Hoy fuimos a pasar la mañana en el área de juegos en el Mall de San Juan.  Es el lugar perfecto para bebés porque el piso es súper suave y tiene varios muñequitos que los niños pueden escalar.  Recomiendo que encuentres un lugar parecido adonde puedes ir y disfrutar con tranquilidad.

Pero no olvidemos otra razón muy importante para programar las citas para jugar, ¡es una oportunidad para interactuar con otros adultos!  Es importante que también nos cuidamos de nosotras mismas, y la interacción con otras mamás es parte de eso.  Compartiendo con otras mamás te da la oportunidad de hablar sobre dudas que tengas e incluso para hablar de cualquier cosa que no sea de bebé.  Y por favor no olvides de llevar comida, café, agua, o lo que sea para mantenerte contenta durante toda la sesión.

Life as an expat; Saying goodbye


Living life as an expat can be full of fun and adventure.  You get to explore new parts of the world, learn about a new culture, and meet lots of interesting people.  But life as an expat also has an unavoidable sad side to it, saying goodbye.  Along the way we meet lots of lovely people and make great friends.  Eventually, some of those friends will continue their path onto another country.  They will start a new, exciting adventure, and you will be forced to say goodbye.

Today I said goodbye to one of the girlfriends that I met here on the island.  This parting is particularly difficult because we met when we were both brand new to the island, we were pregnant together, and we had our babies together.  So we shared a special time in our lives, experiencing all of it together.  Her son is one my son’s first friends, and we are very sad to see them go.  I’m excited for her to embark on this new adventure, but I’m sad that we must part ways.  I’m sure we will remain in contact and I wish her and her family all of the best in their new home.  Bon Voyage my friend!

La vida de un expat puede ser emocionante y llena de aventura.  Es bonito explorar el mundo y conocer países, culturas y personas nuevas.  Lamentablemente esta vida también tiene su lado triste, despedirse de las amistades.  Hoy me toco despedirme de una buena amiga que conocí aquí en Puerto Rico.  Nos conocimos cuando las dos éramos recién llegadas a la isla, juntas vivimos nuestro primer embarazo, y juntas vimos nacer a nuestros hijos.  Su hijo es de los primeros amiguitos de mi bebé.  Hemos compartido etapas de la vida tan lindas y no es nada fácil tener que despedirnos.  Aun con la tristeza de verla ir, estoy segura que nos mantendremos en contacto y le deseo todo lo mejor para ella y su familia en esta etapa nueva de la vida.  ¡Bon Voyage amiga!

Happy long weekend!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend!  I know we are certainly enjoying the beauties of the Caribbean and some great family time together.  If you’re planning on spending much of your time outdoors please don’t forget your sun protection!  It’s very important to wear sunblock and a hat if you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time.  And if you have any little ones it’s extra important that they be protected since their skin is so much more sensitive than that of an adult.  When we’re enjoying the outdoors with our little guy I like to make sure that I have enough sunscreen, a protective swim top (to go with his bathing suit of course) and a small selection of cute hats to keep him protected and comfortable.  So keep protected and enjoy some long weekend fun!

Babies have sensitive skin, protect them with hats, sunblock, and a swim top!
Babies have sensitive skin, protect them with hats, sunblock, and a swim top! / La piel de los bebés es sensible, ¡protégelos con gorros, bloqueador solar y una camisa a la hora de bañarse!

¡Espero que todos se están disfrutando de su fin de semana largo!  Nosotros estamos gozando de nuestro tiempo juntos en familia mientras que aprovechamos de la belleza que es el caribe.  Si van a participar en actividades al aire libre por favor no se les olvide aplicar su protección solar.  Es muy importante que nos protegemos contra el daño que puede causar el sol, y especialmente los niños pequeños ya que su piel es mucho más sensible que la nuestra.  Cuando nosotros salimos con el bebé siempre aseguro de llevar su crema bloqueador, una camisa protectora para combinar con su traje de baño a la hora de bañarse, y unas opciones de gorras para proteger su cabeza y cara.  Espero que siguen estos consejos y que salgan a disfrutar de su tiempo libre.  ¡Feliz fin de semana largo!