Travelling with a baby

Travelling with baby

Any mother out there will tell you that traveling with a little one is not the easiest thing to do.  I remember when I used to get on a plane and my biggest worry was what I should take to entertain myself with during the flight.  Now it’s all about how to entertain my little guy.  Even when he was just a few months old it was no simple task, although it certainly was much easier back then!  When he was just a few months old he’d pretty much just fall asleep and get up to eat.  So as long I was on top of his feeding and changing I was able to avoid any crying fits.  Now that he’s getting older he needs to be entertained so it gets a bit trickier.  Here are a few tips of what has worked for me when we travel:

  1. Dress baby comfortably and with easily removable layers.  My little guy’s body temperature seems to be on the higher end, I like to call him my little furnace, so I rarely dress him in sweaters.  However we all know that airplanes can sometimes feel like the north pole.  So I would suggest dressing them in a simple onesie and bringing along a cardigan, socks (if your baby isn’t wearing shoes yet) and pants.  When it comes to keeping baby comfortable and being able to do diaper changes in a tiny, bouncy, airplane bathroom, keeping it simple is best.
  2. Pack at least one extra change for the baby.  No big shock here, sometimes babies get sick, or they have a diaper overflow, or they spit up, or they decide to wear their food rather than eat it….etc.  Just make sure you have an option in case you’re faced with any of these scenarios.
  3. Pack extra diapers.  Seriously, pack lots of extra diapers.  Airline travel can be unpredictable and sometimes flights can be delayed.  Make sure you are well stocked in case you get faced with a long delay.  Especially if your travel includes connecting flights!  You never know what can happen and the last thing you want is for your baby to develop an infection because you weren’t able to change their diaper as frequently as you wish.
  4. Pack plenty of food.  Whether your baby is on breast milk, bottle or solids, make sure you have plenty of food to satisfy their little tummy.
  5. Toys.  Pack small toys that will keep your little one entertained.  If they’re young enough this may not be necessary, but for those that require distractions take a couple of small favourites that will keep them happy.  Their favourite stuffed animal is a great one to bring along!
  6. Keep calm.  Babies feed off of our emotions, so try not to stress.  Get to the airport early and try not to over-pack your carry on.  The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and happy your baby will be.

Do you have any tips and tricks that have worked for you?  Let me know by sending me  your comment!


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