Life as an expat; Saying goodbye


Living life as an expat can be full of fun and adventure.  You get to explore new parts of the world, learn about a new culture, and meet lots of interesting people.  But life as an expat also has an unavoidable sad side to it, saying goodbye.  Along the way we meet lots of lovely people and make great friends.  Eventually, some of those friends will continue their path onto another country.  They will start a new, exciting adventure, and you will be forced to say goodbye.

Today I said goodbye to one of the girlfriends that I met here on the island.  This parting is particularly difficult because we met when we were both brand new to the island, we were pregnant together, and we had our babies together.  So we shared a special time in our lives, experiencing all of it together.  Her son is one my son’s first friends, and we are very sad to see them go.  I’m excited for her to embark on this new adventure, but I’m sad that we must part ways.  I’m sure we will remain in contact and I wish her and her family all of the best in their new home.  Bon Voyage my friend!

La vida de un expat puede ser emocionante y llena de aventura.  Es bonito explorar el mundo y conocer países, culturas y personas nuevas.  Lamentablemente esta vida también tiene su lado triste, despedirse de las amistades.  Hoy me toco despedirme de una buena amiga que conocí aquí en Puerto Rico.  Nos conocimos cuando las dos éramos recién llegadas a la isla, juntas vivimos nuestro primer embarazo, y juntas vimos nacer a nuestros hijos.  Su hijo es de los primeros amiguitos de mi bebé.  Hemos compartido etapas de la vida tan lindas y no es nada fácil tener que despedirnos.  Aun con la tristeza de verla ir, estoy segura que nos mantendremos en contacto y le deseo todo lo mejor para ella y su familia en esta etapa nueva de la vida.  ¡Bon Voyage amiga!


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