Homemade baby food 101

homemade baby food

Have you been thinking about making your own baby food but are overwhelmed by the idea of how complicated and time-consuming it is?  Well guess what, it’s actually very very easy.  I make 90% of what my son eats and it really is super easy and quick.  I still keep store-bought items on hand in case I forget to take out some homemade from the freezer but I only have maybe a handful of store-bought jars in the house.

Here is what you need to make your food:

  1. Fruits and veggies.  Fresh and frozen both work well.  I buy only organic for my son but I do the same for my husband and I anyhow.  Frozen items are often looked at as less health but in reality (if frozen properly) they are just as good as the fresh option.  This is great because sometimes I cannot get the fresh option but the frozen is often available.
  2. A steamer.  I have a stove top vegetable steamer that I use.  This is an item that I already owned and used prior to baby, you really do not need to buy a special one just for your little one.
  3. A blender.  This is another item that I already had in my kitchen, there really isn’t a need to buy the special baby blenders, as long as you have a properly working blender in your home that will do just fine.
  4. Storage containers.  There are a couple of ways you can approach the freezing and storage process.  The best space saver is to simply use an ice-cube tray to freeze the food, and then store the food cubes in a labelled ziplock bag.  But if you prefer you can also use plastic (pba free of course) food containers.  If you do use plastic containers I recommend that you get small ones so that you can take out only what you will use for that day (you can also get containers at any baby store that are intended for baby food storage).

Here are the steps to making the baby food.

  1. For fresh foods: steam them until soft (make sure to first peel items such as sweet potato/potato, apples, etc).  Frozen: boil or steam if necessary, some frozen fruits can simply be defrosted.
  2. Place your prepared food into the blender, some foods may require that you add water and/or milk, and blend until you achieve the consistency you require.  If you’re unsure about the consistency you can use an age appropriate store-bought jar of baby food to see what the consistency you need to achieve.  Just remember that the first foods need to be pureed and small chunks can be added as your child grows and switches to more solid foods.
  3. Fill your containers or ice trays with food and freeze.  I use covered ice trays just to be sure to prevent any sort of contamination that could occur in the freezer.  Once frozen you just pop out your food cubes and store in a labelled ziplock bag.
  4. Every night take out what you will need for the next day.  The benefit to using ice-cube trays is that the food cubes are small so I can take out as many or as little as I wish.  It also makes it easy for mixing foods (i.e. sweet potato with peas).

And that’s it!  It really is that easy!  You can prepare enough food for a month at a time or you can do it on a weekly basis, whatever works best for you.  If you have doubts on when to introduce which foods to your little one just follow the guidelines set by your paediatrician.  My son is now 10 months old and I have found that he actually prefers my homemade food to the store-bought.

If you have any questions about the steps just let me know!


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