Drought: When will we learn?

drought, when will we learn

Last month I wrote a blog about the severe drought we were experiencing in Puerto Rico (you can see the post here Living in a severe drought).  Our little island in paradise was enduring the worst drought in about 20 years, and as a result thousands of people were put under water rationing.  The rationing got pretty severe for many, receiving water service only 2 days a week.  We endured many weeks (months) of extreme measures, all in an attempt to prevent the worst case scenario, 0 water available.  It wasn’t convenient, it wasn’t easy, but it was manageable.  And now, I’m happy to report, that the rationing has been lifted thanks to lots of precious rain that we have received over the past couple of weeks.

But the joy of having recovered from this severe drought was a short-lived one for me.  Today I left my house, to do my usual errands, and guess what I encountered?  People, yes several homes in fact, hosing down their driveways and sidewalks.  Seriously?  Have we learnt nothing?  Water conservation should not be restricted just to desperate times, it is a precious natural resource that we should respect at all times.  I’m not saying restrict your drinking habits, or stop showering, but using so much water just to wash down your driveway is incredibly wasteful.  We have brooms, and they work quite well if you need to clean up some debris and leaves on your driveway.  I shutter to think what sort of wastage occurs in the day-to-day operation of these households.  I know it’s easy to take something like water for granted when all you have to do is turn a tap on and receive an endless supply, but how can living through an extended period of rationing not make people want to be more responsible with their usage?



3 thoughts on “Drought: When will we learn?

  1. Puerto Ricans have zero education, that is why our island is on a slow decline to the bottom. There is is no common sense at all. Here we hear a lot of the “Hay Bendito” but nobody takes into account the severe situation we face. The best we can do as bloggers is pass along the common sense so that people can wake up. We are the next Social Medium under the news networks. Our voices need to be heard. Pobre Puerto Rico!!


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