Searching for the changing table

where are all of the changing tables

Ok parents, let’s be honest about something for a minute, how often have you been out with your baby who needs to be changed and there is no changing table to be found?  Depending on where in the world you live this may or may not be a huge problem for you.  But for me, even when I have travelled, I have yet to find a city where this is not an issue.  How is it possible that in 2015 I still cannot go out with my baby feeling confident that no matter where I go I will have access to a change table, let alone a clean one!  Just yesterday I was at a brand new shopping centre that has “family washrooms” that even include those adorable little toilettes for toddlers, but do you think there was a changing table in there?  NOPE!  Not long ago I went out for brunch with some fellow moms and of course the time came that my baby boy needed a change, and guess what?  No change table!  The bathroom wasn’t even large enough to get the stroller in so that I could use that to change him and still maintain some privacy.  Every time I travel home to El Salvador I have to stop in Panama for a connection, well that airport has been under renovation for a long time so there are a lot of improvements, and yet there is not one change table in the entire airport!  I have checked in several washrooms and not one!  My only hope is that by the time I have to travel through there again then maybe they will have finally installed some.  And if this is a problem for me as a mother, just imagine what it’s like for a father.  It’s unbelievable that today it is still assumed that a baby will only be out with his/her mother so of course men do not need a change table in their washroom.  There is no reason why my husband shouldn’t be able to change our baby regardless of if I’m there or not.  Or what about a dad simply wanting to take his baby out without mom coming along?  What about a single dad?  What if the child has two dads?

In the past I’ve seen reports of people complaining because they witness a parent changing their baby in a public area.  Well guess what, most parents would prefer to change their child in private but if you do not have access to a clean changing area then you have to get creative.  And no, I absolutely will not change my child on the floor of a public bathroom.  Would you change yourself on the floor of a public washroom?  Probably not, so don’t expect a parent to do so with a baby.

It’s just crazy to me that we still cannot rely on something so simple like a change table in all public washrooms.  It seems to me that in 2015 it’s about time we acknowledge that parents and babies have the right to enjoy a normal life outside of the home.


4 thoughts on “Searching for the changing table

  1. I have struggled with this so many times that it’s beyond crazy, you would think that every restraunt would have a changing table at least in the women’s bathroom but there’s been so many times that my son and I have been out in public and there was none to be found.

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  2. The malls in my state have Family changing rooms apart from the Men’s and Women’s rooms, which is great. In the grocery stores, there are even changing tables in the Women’s rooms, but I doubt there are any in the men’s room.

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