Family holiday


So we just went on a little family vacation.  It wasn’t a very long trip, just about a week, but the getaway was needed.  It was also our first shot at travelling with an energetic almost one year old.  The last time we travelled our son was only a few months old so it was easy, he pretty much just slept everywhere we went.  This time he’s older, mobile, full of energy, and needing to be entertained.  So suddenly travelling as a family has become a vastly different experience.  A fun, exciting, chaotic, stressful, dynamic, and thoroughly joyful experience.

We spent about a week in Washington DC and were lucky enough to stay with friends.  It was so nice to spend time with great friends that we hadn’t seen in some time whilst also creating some wonderful family memories.  Our friends have an 8 month old baby which just made for so much fun and adorable photos of our two little guys playing together.  Our days were filled with lots of baby laughter, and just a few tears.  Of course having two babies hanging around meant that there was no fixed schedule, unless you count feedings and napping as a vacation schedule.  For the most part they were happy to nap out on the road, but we made sure to get home early so they could each get a good nights rest.  No more late nights out when you have a couple of babies with you!

We live in Puerto Rico so this was our little guys first experience in the cold weather, and lets just say he’s not a huge fan.  When we arrived and walked out of the airport into the cold night air he was taken aback and gave us quite the look of shock and horror.  He got cranky when we put a coat on him and the look of shock made its appearance every single time we went outside!  Even when we were indoors his discomfort continued.  His crawling and general ruckus was much more low key as apparently wearing long pants just slows him down.  And socks, no way!  If he’s inside there is no way he’s having socks on.  By the end of the trip he did get more comfortable in his cold weather clothes but my little Caribbean boy definitely prefers the heat and his shorts.

The plane ride wasn’t too bad.  The way there was a night flight so he was cranky as all he wanted to do was stretch out in his bed and sleep.  He did manage to sleep but if he did wake up he cried, and no parent enjoys that when they’re on the plane.  On the way back it was a morning flight so he didn’t sleep too much, he was full of energy and wanting to play.  Fortunately he was quite well behaved, he was content to just play with his toys and eat his snacks.  Unfortunately for the couple next to us their 16 month little girl cried pretty much the entire way.  She, and her parents, did not have a good flight at all.  I tried to be friendly and help if they needed something but we all know that being the parent of a hysterical child on a flight is just so stressful.  The look of exhaustion and relief on their faces when we deplaned  was just heartbreaking.

I’m so glad we got to enjoy some time away as a family, and share that time with some really great friends.  Especially getting to know their little baby, kids grow so fast that I’m so thankful we got to experience him as a baby! 🙂

Beautiful autumn colours. This was one of my favourite parts of our trip, it’s been far too many years since I’ve seen this!
the favourite bear
Little man’s favourite bear all buckled up and ready for take off!
playing on the plane
Entertaining himself on the plane. We had a couple of crying moments but for the most part he did really great!
Christmas tree
Beautiful Christmas tree at Mount Vernon

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