Time to plan his first birthday

1st bday planning

I can hardly believe it, but the time has arrived, my precious little angel is soon to turn one year old.  It feels like just yesterday that I was shedding tears when I heard his first cry as he entered this world.  This past year has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, full of love, years of my life.  I have relished every moment of it and the thought of my baby already being one makes me excited and sad at the same time.  But putting all of those emotions aside it’s also time to get down to some serious business, planning his first birthday.

When I first thought of his big day I just figured we’d do a quiet celebration at home with just any family members that happen to be in town (we’re expats so it’s often just us), but then the planned was to travel home for Christmas and his birthday.  So with that plan also came a big, and I mean big, party to celebrate his birthday as well as show him off to all of our family and friends that still have not met him.  I had everything planned out, down to the last detail.  While it was a large party it was an easy one for me to organize because I did it with a planner since I had to plan from another country.  But then life stepped in and as it turns out we cannot travel this year and will be spending Christmas here.  So I cancelled everything I had planned and found myself back at square one.

So here I am, at the beginning again, trying to figure out what I can do to celebrate our little guy.  Since my husband and I had both gotten excited over the idea of a party we now want to continue with that idea, however since we are staying put this year it also means that it will be a much smaller party.  Smaller is good for the budget, but also more complicated because of location.  There are a lot of places that are great for birthday parties but they’re just too big for what we need or simply not age appropriate.  That being said we’ve decided to go with the park that’s close to our house.  It’ll be nice to be outside, there are swings for the kids, and best of all I won’t have to worry about things breaking in my house.  Keeping it small also means that I will be testing out my DIY skills when it comes to the decor, so Pinterest has become my best friend as of late.  Then there’s the menu.  What should I serve?  Should I make it or buy it?  What about the cake?  What do I get for party gift bags?  So many details that on their own doesn’t seem like much when you start to add them up it can get a bit overwhelming.

I have a general idea of what I want but nothing is set and the party is in just a few weeks.  So it’s time for me to sit down, make my lists, and get to shopping.  The last thing I want is to be running around at the last-minute trying to pull this party together.  So this weekend is dedicated to getting all of my decoration purchased (or at least the materials that I need in order to make them all over the next few weeks), decide on the food, beverages, cake, party gift bag, and of course his present.


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