Oh boy, here we go…

No tantrums allowed

My son will be turning one in december so until now we’ve been living in the bliss of baby world where true disciplinary actions don’t really need to be taken.  But starting a couple of week ago we began to see the rise of the toddler behaviour that will need to be corrected.  Mainly, the frustration tantrum.  My generally well-behaved, calm little boy has begun to throw small fits any time something doesn’t quite go his way.  If he pushes his toy and it doesn’t move, he cries; if he pushes his toy and it goes the opposite direction that he wishes, he cries; if another baby takes the toy he was playing with, he cries; and so on, and so on.

On the one hand, the way he throws himself to the floor to cry is seriously cute, but on the other hand we simply cannot condone this behaviour.  So here we go, venturing down the path of teaching discipline.  It’s a tricky road to walk because there is only so much that a one year old can yet comprehend, however we don’t want to simply allow the behaviour to continue under the excuse of “he’s still just so young.”  And being new parents means that we are often left wondering what to do and how to correctly handle the situation.  So of course we ask advice from our parents, our friends who are parents, or we take to the internet to see what advice we can find there.  In the end we go with our gut feeling, but seeking out advice has been a big help.  By being open to other points of view you sometimes hear an idea that you had not thought of, and it’s worth considering.  And while we are only just beginning down this road we have discovered that for the most part our instincts are usually quite good, but baking it up with a little bit of research does give us a boost of confidence that we are doing the right thing.

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

11 thoughts on “Oh boy, here we go…

  1. They may be young, but they definitely know how to navigate the matrix to their advantage. It’s always a work in progress with kids as they will push your buttons. The main thing we learn is being consistent is important, so is your gut. The terrible twos and threes are yet to come.😉 Exciting times! 😊

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  2. Ah yes, this sounds familiar. I rarely see my son because I am at work most of the time, but my mother and nursery see him a lot…and we all have totally different discipline thresholds – Grandma obviously is the most strict. I spoil my little one out of guilt. Poor child is going to be crazy, mixed up and throwing tantrums hourly – – I can’t wait! x #fartglitter

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  3. Good luck! We are currently knee deep in the ‘Naught Spot’ territory and dealing with tantrum several times a day. The most important thing I’ve learned is not to underestimate ‘hangry’ tantrums. Timing meals so he’s hungry and will eat but no so hungry we have 45 minutes of screaming beforehand is a daily struggle.

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

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