DIY Holiday Wreath

DIY Christmas wreath

With Christmas coming up fast we’re all busy decorating our houses to celebrate the season.  This festive wreath is not only joyful but quite easy to make, just follow these simple steps!

Here’s what you’ll need:

supplies DIY wreath

  1. A 14″ crafting wreath (I have chosen a styrofoam one, available at any craft store)
  2. Christmas tree bulb ornaments in an assortment of sizes and colours.  Choose the colours that best suit your style!
  3. Glue gun
  4. Ribbon


  1. Fist I would suggest that you lay out an old table cloth or sheet in order to protect your work surface from any bits of glue that may fall.
  2. Wrap a small amount of ribbon around the wreath so that you can hang it later.  Make sure to take into account the length that you will need to hang it from your door.  Doors come in different sizes so it’s best that you measure the length based on your own door.  I find it easier to attach the ribbon before you glue all of the bulbs into place.
  3. Next, take the ornament hangers off the end of each bulb, these usually just pop right off.ornament hanger
  4. Begin by hot gluing the larger bulbs around the wreath.  If you’re using multiple colours you can select a pattern or simply attach them at random.  The benefit to making your own is that there are no rules, go with whatever inspires you!step 5 DIY Christmas wreath
  5. Continue glueing the large bulbs around the wreath until you have it mostly covered.
  6. Once all of the larger bulbs are in place start to attach the smaller ones, filling in the spaces that the large ones do not cover.  The idea is to fill in any of the visible gaps so that when the wreath is hanging you do not see any of the styrofoam underneath.
DIY holiday wreath
The end result is a beautiful wreath you can proudly display!

And that’s it!  It’s really quite simple and in the end you get this beautiful, and unique, Christmas wreak to hang on your front door or anywhere else you wish to display it.

Did you make one for yourself?  Send me a photo!  I’d love to see how your creations come out.

Mami 2 Five

15 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Wreath

  1. This is fabulous. I would love to make my my own, but we just bought one this afternoon! Typical! I love how easy you’ve made this look and the end result is fabulous! I’m totally doing this either next year, or even perhaps for an indoor wreath. Fab post, thanks so much for linking up with #sundaystars Steph xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Give it a try, it really is easy. And remember it didn’t have to be for the front door, you can put it over a mantel, on a back door, or even over an entryway table. Thanks for your comment!


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