Top 9 things I miss about a winter wonderland Christmas

winter wonderland Christmas

Let me start of by saying that I love living in the Caribbean.  I love that it’s never cold, I love that I don’t have to shovel the snow, or clear the snow off of my car.  That being said, there’s something magical about Christmas with snow.  As a Canadian expat I grew up mainly in the tropics, but we did spend most of our Christmas holidays in Canada.  Because of that there are certain elements of a winter that, to me, make Christmas magical.

Here are the top 9 things that I miss about a winter wonderland Christmas:

9. Tobogganing

8. Snow-ball fights, snow-angels, and snow-forts

7. Snow-men.  Although I have made sand-men before and that’s pretty fun.

6. The cute clothing.  That’s right, I even miss wearing cute boots and sweaters that I cannot use in the tropics because I’d probably suffer from heat stroke.  Of course that does not mean that I long for the scarves, and jackets, and mittens, and hats…especially not for an entire season.

5. Is there anything more adorable then a baby or toddler all bundled up for winter?  I think not!

4. The beauty of white fluffy snow

3. Street after street of houses beautifully decorated with Christmas lights.  In my experience, in Central American & the Caribbean, very few people decorate the outside of their homes.

2. Christmas stockings hanging from a beautifully decorated mantle.  Living in the tropics, most houses don’t even have fireplaces because we don’t need them.

1. Drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate next to a wood burning fire.  There’s just something about the smell and sound of the crackling logs, paired with a hot cup of chocolate that just spells Christmas to me.

So there you have it, those are the top 9 things that I miss about spending Christmas in a winter wonderland!  Perhaps next year I can get my family up to Canada for a little visit and so that my son can experience the fun side of snow for the first time.  In the meantime I will dig my toes into the sand and continue to enjoy our life here on this gorgeous island with the turquoise water and white sand beaches.

Did I leave anything out?  What makes Christmas magical to you?

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18 thoughts on “Top 9 things I miss about a winter wonderland Christmas

  1. This summer, we moved to cottage country in Central Ontario (from the Greater Toronto area) and one of the things everyone kept saying was, “wait until winter … the snow will be awful … it’ll be so cold …”
    We’ve been looking forward to a winter wonderland for Christmas and so far, nothing! Our lake keeps trying freeze and then it thaws again when the warmer breezes blow in. It seems we’re in the midst of another “El Nino” or something. Yesterday, there were swans swimming by our window!
    So, we could be missing that winter wonderland too, only without the beach. LOL

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    1. Oh no! Yes I’ve heard it’s unseasonably warm up north this year due to El Niño. But enjoy those swans! That’s a pretty good view to have as well. Hopefully next time I get up there I’ll get my snow!
      Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Snow Angels- just flopping down backwards in the snow and waving my arms. Snow Cream- a handful of snow with sugar on top. The hush of falling snow. Finally, sitting inside a warm house, reading a wonderful book and watching the snow fall.

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  3. We’re escaping the heat to visit Scotland this winter.I’m mostly excited for the warm clothes. I love snuggly jumpers. Some snow and skiing would be can too!
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

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  4. reimerandruby

    Lovely post! We’re the opposite, I miss Christmas back home in Philippines where its warm and you can enjoy it outdoors, having Christmas caroling and parties held in an outdoor venue. I miss the blue sky and bright sun too…. I miss our Christmas tradition there as it’s different from over here in the UK. #coolmumclub

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  5. I have to say both the deep cold snow, and the paradise beach both sound pretty inviting! Not like this half hearted muggy british winter we’re having! Too hot with your coat on, too cold with it off…aaargh! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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