Little man turns one

Little man turns one

Recently our little guy turned one.  It’s been a few days of lots and lots of emotions.  I’m overjoyed to see hi grow and discover the world, I’m in awe of what a blessing it is to have him in our lives, I’m excited to celebrate these milestone moments, and I’m also sad to see it all fly by so quickly.  I find myself smiling ear to ear one moment, and wiping away the tears the next.

On the actual day of his birthday we had a small family celebration and he had his first piece of cake.  To say he loved his cupcake is quite the understatement.  He devoured that treat like he hadn’t seen food in days, then he made sure to lick each finger clean!  Afterwards we helped him open his presents and that led t quite the energetic play session with a hilarious baby laugh attack.  And is there anything better than a baby laugh attack?  That night he slept like an exhausted little angel.

baby turns 1
Getting ready to eat his first cupcake.

On the day of his birthday party it was beautifully sunny, perfect for his party in the park.  Everyone who came out to celebrate with us had a great time and the toddlers made sure to take full advantage of their play time.  By the time people left, every baby was taken home already fast asleep, recovering from so much play.  The food and the decorations went pretty much to plan.  Little man had his second cupcake which he found to be equally as thrilling as the first time.  He was a bit impatient during the happy birthday song because he kept reaching out for his cake.  It was a beautiful day and a great way to celebrate his turning one.

bday details
Just a few birthday party details

All in all we are very happy with how everything went, his first birthday celebrations have been a great success.  The highlight of it all has been having a house full of family members who travelled to join us in our celebrations.  We are truly blessed to have this little angel in our lives and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him.

Now as the dust begins to settle we can turn our sights to celebrating the most magical season of the year, Christmas! 🙂




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