Once a baby, now a toddler

Once a baby, now a toddler

The first year has come and gone, my son is now a toddler.  It seems like only yesterday we received the joyous news of being pregnant.  And yet now, somehow, we no longer have a baby in the house.  We blinked, and there he is, a gorgeous, angelic, sometimes frustrating, toddler.  I know, I know.  It all sounds so cliché.  Every parent out there says that it goes by too fast.  But here’s the thing, the reason every parent out there says that is because it’s true!

I knew this going into it, I knew that I needed to savour every moment because they do in fact grow up quickly.  And I’ve done my very best to appreciate every snuggle, record into memory every milestone, and enjoy every moment of being a new mom.  But even so, here I am, after the first year, watching him in amazement and wondering when it went by so fast.  There will still be a lifetime of milestones and important moments to experience, but you only get one year to enjoy living in baby world.

It all hit me the other day when I put away several things he has outgrown.  I’ve put clothes away before, and while it did make me sad to put them in storage it didn’t hit me in quite the same way.  This time I put away the bouncy chair, the play-pen, the walker, and then the jumperoo.  That jumperoo is what did me in.  My little guy has loved to jump his heart out in that thing.  He could easily spend an hour just non stop jumping and grinning ear to ear.  And the laughter, oh the laughter!  I have countless videos documenting his joy.  All of which have of course been sent to his grandparents (and pretty much everyone that I know) so that they too could relish in his excitement.  Putting it away just signifies the closing of a chapter.  An adorable, amazing chapter.

I know I’m not the first mother, or parent, to go through this, and I certainly won’t be the last.  This past year has been one of the most exhausting, emotional, and simply fantastic years of my life.  Every time I look at my son I’m in awe of what we created, and how impossibly cute and terribly smart he is (not that I’m biased or anything).  I look forward to the years to come, to the many more fabulous memories that we will make.  And to me surely, on many occasions, looking back and wondering how it can possibly be going by this fast.


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