To the unhappy expat

To the unhappy expat

I’m an expat living in what can only be described as paradise.  While there is so much to enjoy, the reality of being a foreigner is that you’re in a place where everything is different and works distinctly to how you may be used to.  This can be a very frustrating truth to adapt to, it’s very easy to get lost in the negative.

If you’re one of those expats who harps on every negative experience that you have, or who dwells on how things just don’t work as smoothly as they do in your country, I challenge you to take a different point of view.  Try to see the beautiful side of the country you’re living in, and the culture that you’re being exposed to.  I know it’s not easy when everything is different, but something being different doesn’t mean that it’s bad.  The fact is, there is no place in the world that achieves perfection.

As an expat, who knows many other expats, I must admit that having to hear nonstop complaints really gets irritating.  I’m more than willing to be that person who listens supportively about any troubles my friends are going through.  But if you’re only about griping and pointing out all of the negative aspects of the country you’re living in, then don’t be surprised if I’m not calling you up to get together.  Being far from home is difficult enough without having someone else’s negativity dragging me down.

Part of the beauty of living as an expat is being exposed to other places and other cultures.  With that comes difficulty, you will have days where you are frustrated with the unfamiliar way of doing things.  But I would encourage you to focus on the positive.  If you want to enjoy your time abroad then you can’t spend the entire time complaining.  Get out and discover your surroundings, go see the beautiful sights, and learn from the new culture.  No matter where we are in the world there is always something we can learn.  Each culture, and each country has their own unique charm that they contribute to the world.  If you’re not careful, then you’re going to miss it.



11 thoughts on “To the unhappy expat

    1. Sometimes people forget that their complaining can also be rather offensive, and just because you’re not a local doesn’t mean you don’t have cause to be insulted. In that case not only are they just being negative, they also forget to think before they speak! Not a great combination. Stick with the happy people! Thank you for reading 😊


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