Do bloggers have the right to privacy?

Do bloggers have the right to privacy

As a blogger, is it fair to get annoyed if someone reposts or reblogs your content?  In the past I have seen bloggers request that others not reblog or share their posts without their prior consent because they are posting personal information, including photos of their children, and do not want these things randomly and anonymously shared. Is this a fair request to make?  When we post to the internet should we do so knowing that it is forever out there and open to sharing by the public?  If we don’t want other people to have access to our photos and stories, should we just stop posting them?  Or do we have the right and privilege to insist that the posts are our own private information and no one may use them?

I’m really interested to know what the blogging world thinks about this, tell me where you stand!  Do bloggers have the right to privacy?


8 thoughts on “Do bloggers have the right to privacy?

  1. MARI

    I honestly think that only do have the right to privacy I’m saying this because I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with certain followers that I’ve had follow me repost my things. Without asking me. And it’d be personal things of mine. without actually asking me I feel there’s just a feeling of disrespectful mess there now if it’s a recipe or something on someone’s blog I’d reblog it and ask or if I’m good friend with the person it’d be okay.but when they do it and I wind up seeing it on their blog if I happen to go on the blog or just pops up on my notification of them reposting it and they don’t ask me to it’s just I feel like if you like something just ask that’s all you need to know even if it’s a picture or whatever im posting about it just feels more at ease knowing my things are safe and no creep is just taking my personal stuff for there weird enjoyment…


    1. Thank you for commenting! When you say you’d like people to ask you before sharing, do you mean even if they want to tweet out, or share to any social media platform, a post they liked of yours? Or is this mainly for any reblogs?


      1. MARI

        For any certain social media sites. And for reblog as well I know a few times I’ve posted certain things about my daughter and people would post it on there blog and then they’d tag me on Twitter and not even ask me for my permission to do so , so I stopped posting pictures of her it got disturbing for me because she’s my daughter and there are a lot of weird people out there who are nasty it just freaks me out at times.


  2. Carrie Bostic

    I feel like if you don’t want it to be shared, you shouldn’t post it. Simple as that. You’re literally sharing it to the ENTIRE world when you post a blog. It’s not like it’s private anyway. A creep can go right to the post, steal the pic, and leave and you wouldn’t even know it. I see it as a sign of admiration if someone shares my posts, not a form of privacy breech. The best thing that I could suggest to those people who don’t like others stealing their pictures on their blogs is to watermark the photos. Do it in a way to where no one can remove the watermarks, not just a signature in the corner. People don’t steal those pics as often. As for the personal info like diary journals, it’s a personal diary if you post it… there’s nothing you can do about it other than delete it. :-/


      1. Carrie Bostic

        Good. I was beginning to wonder if it was a common thing for bloggers to be irritated about sharing. I’m glad to hear that your consensus is that it’s okay to share.

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  3. I think its fair to ask if your using someones post and to reference them. I don’t use pictures of my son. I’m not quite ready for him to be out there just yet.

    With anything on social media from posts to messanger chats everything can be copied and shared now so i think if the material is really that private and you don’t want certain people to see it etc then it’s best not to share it.

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