Powering through parenting when you’re sick

powering through parenting when you're sick

It started with an itch, a slight scratching at the back of my throat, I took some medicine trying to prevent the inevitable, but it was too late.  Now I’m sick.  Now I’m stuck coughing, with watery (and yet somehow at the same time dry) eyes, and an achy body.  There is one sure way to quickly cure myself of this flu, unfortunately I have a toddler so I cannot simply down some medicine and head straight to bed.  I must find a way to power through the exhaustion and entertain my little man.  Here are a few ways that I manage to power through when I get sick.

Don’t be a martyr, medicate.  Don’t insist that you’re strong enough to get through being sick without taking any medication.  Yes nature can take its course, and yes that may be how you used to deal with things.  But if you’re a parent you know full well that parental duties are exhausting enough on their own.  So just get to the drug store and buy whatever non drowsy medication works for you.

Comfort food.  Ok so toast and peanut butter may not be the most nutritious food out there.  But being sick and having to power through it is no time to be worrying about how healthy your food is.  You’re probably already consumed with making sure your child (or children) eats a healthy meal.  Just eat whatever makes you feel happy in that moment so you can get on with the day.

Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Yes I know that many people say that you should not drink so much caffeine, but if all I want to do is go to bed for a week then I don’t care how many cups of coffee I drink that day.  I need the caffeine boost and I will indulge myself.

Relax on all non-urgent duties.  This includes the housework.  If you’re a stay at home mom (like me), and have an energetic toddler that is still too young for school, then that means you’re on kid duty all day.  So just forget about all non-urgent duties, including the house.  Who cares if the laundry piles up for a couple of days or if the vacuum hasn’t been run.  Rest whenever you can so you can get better quicker.  This also means ordering in for dinner if you have to.

Those are my basic tips that help me power through the day when I’m sick.  They may seem kind of obvious, but too many of us try to keep up with everything even when we’re sick!  As a stay at home mom I can’t call in a sick day, so I have to lighten up my load however I can when I’m in need.



10 thoughts on “Powering through parenting when you’re sick

  1. moderatemum

    Great tips! I had stomach flu last year and it was the hardest parenting days ever! My boy watched cartoons and ate biscuits all day so it was probably his best day ever 🙂

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  2. It totally suck not being able to just be sick, right? So true that we don’t get sick days off. I personally would upvote #4 straight to #2. Other than do the basics with Waldo, be as lazy as you can so that you can rest 🙂 Sending you pixie dust for a speedy recovery!

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