You know you live in the Caribbean when…

You know you live in the Caribbean when

Anyone who has ever lived in the Caribbean can attest to the fact that it is a gorgeous spot on earth that you feel blessed to live in, it truly is living in paradise.  And like all places, living in paradise comes with its ups and downs.

You know you live in the Caribbean when:

  • The simple act of walking out to your car makes you sweat profusely.
  • Wearing sunglasses is not a fashion statement, it’s a necessity.
  • Fast and efficient customer service actually throws you off of your game.
  • When planning a family vacation you avoid the popular all-inclusive beach resort options.  Use your vacation time to go somewhere different, like a big city!
  • Having to drive more than 20 minutes to get anywhere makes you wonder if it’s even worth going that far.
  • You’re freezing if the temperature ever drops to 26°C (that’s about 78°F).
  • You probably don’t own one pair of closed toe shoes (ok so this one pretty much only applies to women).
  • Half of your clothes are some sort of beach attire.
  • Every occasion is a reasons for a party. Seriously, everything.
  • Your grill probably gets used a lot more than your stove.
  • You love going to the grocery store anywhere outside of the Caribbean. Everything is so inexpensive everywhere else!
  • You really enjoy a rainy day.  When you live in the Caribbean you enjoy beautifully sunny, blue skies on a daily basis, the occasional rainy day feels refreshing.

I’ll take all of the good, the bad, and the funny when it comes to living in the Caribbean.  It’s such a beautiful part of the world, it’s hard not to feel fortunate to be here.


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