When is the right time to school?

When is the right time to school-

Lately I have been struggling with one, rather important, question. When is the right time for my son to start school?  My husband and I have read all of the studies, the general consensus is that early education is essential.  And we agree with that.  The question is, at what age?

Around here most schools start at age 3 (with PPK), but there are many preschool programs that commence at age 2 (and of course nursery that starts from just a few weeks).  We found a great half day program nearby that will accept our son as of August (he will be just under 2 years of age).  It’s a fantastic school where he will learn through play, and we have no doubt that they will not only educate but also take great care of our little guy.  But he won’t even be two years old yet, that just seems so young to me.  I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, so it’s not like we need to arrange care for him.  And of course I want the absolute best for him, but I want to be sure he’s ready.

After turning this decision over and over again in my mind, I came to a realization.  My hesitation is not with whether or not my son is ready, it’s with whether or not I am.  I have no doubt that my son will thrive and thoroughly enjoy the program.  I, however, will struggle as I watch my sweet baby boy growing up.  Right now I’m the one who teaches him, guides him, and gets to bear witness to every adorable moment in his life.  The truth is, I’ll never be ready.  He’s my baby, and there is no being ready for him to grow up.  I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom, taking care of his every need, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I also take great joy over seeing him grow and learn, but it would be great if he’d slow down a little bit.  I know he’s still only a year old, but like all mothers out there, I think it’s just going by too quickly.  I won’t enroll him for August, it’s just too soon (for me).  I’ll keep him to myself for a little while longer, and then watch him spread his wings.

So I will enroll him for next year (when he will have turned two), and take these next several months to mentally, and emotionally, prepare myself.  And I will try my best not to cry too much on his first day.


4 thoughts on “When is the right time to school?

  1. We started sending our kids to school at 18 months – but because out of necessity as we both work and don’t like the idea of the kids staying with the Nanny the whole day. It is amazing what kids pick up at such a young age! I think it’s only a good thing as being in the social environment helps. 🙂


    1. I agree that the social environment is the main positive. We do play dates and go to baby gym classes but it’s not the same as being in school. I think I’ll wait until he’s two but if I change my mind the school year starts when he’s 18 months. We’ll see!

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      1. Totally enjoy your time with him at home. He’s got all the time in the world to get out there. A few hours of social time here and there are great. You’ll maybe even notice him gaining independence during play dates. You’ll begin to want to let him build relationships outside of family. I started my little dude part time when he was a few months over 2 years. He cried a bit when I left him, but rebounded in minutes and LOVED learning through playing with other kids. A year later, he’s thriving. I’ll admit I get a little thrill when he comes home singing songs he learned at school.

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