My fitness challenge: the finish line

My fitness challenge: the finish line

So I’ve reached the end of my 21 day fitness challenge.  Yes!  I did it!  When I started this challenge I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stick it out.  I was certainly hopeful, but there was still that little bit of self-doubt.  I’m very happy to report that I did, in fact, see it through, and I’m satisfied with how I did.

The unfortunate part is that the last week coincided with Easter break, which meant I was enjoying a beach vacation with my family.  Family beach getaways are not exactly the most conducive to clean eating and daily workouts.  Thankfully I did not cheat too much.  Of course I indulged in too much snacking, but at least our meals were healthy.  I also didn’t complete every workout that I had programmed, but on the bright side I did do many laps in the pool every single day, sometimes even twice a day.  So I may not have done the workouts that I was meant to do, but swimming is also great exercise.  All in all the holiday was not a complete set back.  But now that I’m back to the normal day-to-day I am upping my game with the workouts, just to get back on track.

So what have I learned from doing this challenge?  Not only have a I confirmed that I can do whatever I put my mind to, but that I actually enjoy working out, even when it’s a particularly difficult one.  I’m glad that after a week at the beach I found myself missing doing my exercise routine.  This is a great sign for me because it means that I will truly keep at it.  I’m sure I will mix it up and include more variety to my workouts (just to keep it fresh and interesting), and perhaps I will even take weekends off.  But the good news is that I’m enjoying this change in lifestyle, and when you enjoy something you keep doing it.

I’m so glad that I have made this change.  Have you been thinking about making a change but keep putting it off?  If you have then let me just say that the first few days are the roughest, but afterwards you will be so happy you did it.


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