Jealousy: when you least expect it

Jealousy: when you least expect it

Recently I was lucky enough to spend several weeks back home visiting my parents. It was fantastic spending time with them and especially seeing them enjoy having their grandchild around.  I loved seeing them run after him and giggle and laugh along with him.  There’s just something magical about the grandparent-granchild relationship isn’t there?

My son has especially taken to his grandfather (also known as abo).  Little man is just 15 months old so now is when he’s really getting into running and talking, so of course we’re all overjoyed at witnessing his advancements.  His fascination with his abo resulted in him running around the house all day long saying “abo, abo, abo” with his arms outstretched waiting to be picked up.  He would run downstairs (ok I carried him down the stairs, then he’d run) in the morning searching for his abo, and when his abo went out he felt no greater joy than seeing him arrive home.  When he couldn’t find his abo he’d look all over the house and upon spotting him he’d say “ahi esta!” (spanish for “there he is!”).  It was truly adorable to watch.

But here’s the real kicker: I got jealous!  Who would have ever thought that I’d feel jealous of the relationship between my son and my dad.  It seems crazy, I know.  I adored seeing how much they love each other, how they would search for each other in the house, and how they played together non-stop.  The problem is that when I would arrive home with his abo, he’d run straight past me and into his arms!  I mean seriously?!  No yay mami is home!  It was more like move out of the way mom, my abo has arrived.  Somehow it felt like a rejection, and I found myself feeling quite offended and jealous.  I wanted to say to him; don’t forget that I birthed you and I’m the one who feeds you, changes your diapers, and kisses away your ouchies!

When I went home for a visit I was super excited for my parents to have the chance to spend several weeks with my little man.  I imagined just how happy they’d be, and in turn how happy my little guy would be too.  But not once did it occur to me that I might feel rejected or envious by their relationship.  And don’t think he wasn’t equally as crazy for his grandma (also known as grams), it’s just that the sun rose and set over his abo.  I should also point out that his grams was getting equally as jealous as I was!  So there we were, thrilled the boys had formed such a bond, and yet feeling jealous at the same time.

Have you ever found yourself feeling jealous of the relationship between one of your kids and someone else?

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6 thoughts on “Jealousy: when you least expect it

  1. So I totally used to feel like this but I feel a lot more relaxed as my time has marched on as a mother and definitely just very happy when this happens now, but I think it’s totally natural for this to happen. Interested to hear what others say too! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

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  2. I think it has to do with their attention span at that age. Mine was always fixated on one particular person at a time also, although she does still have her favorites at 4. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those faves, but when my mother is around, I turn invisible

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    1. When my husband is around my son is all about his dad also, that even made abo jealous! But when my son gets hurt or need a cuddle he’s all “mama mama mama”, which is nice for me 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


  3. I get twinges of jealously as typically the baby looks to his other mother for comfort etc but recently I’ve been the favourite so I’ve been the opposite of jealous. Which is…..smug? Woops. Still, it’s nice to take a turn at the top.
    I’m sure you’re still the favourite. Grandpa’s novelty will wear off eventually 🙂


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