Earth Day: tips to love the planet

Happy Earth day!!

Today is Earth Day. Let’s use this day to reflect on how we are treating our planet and how we can improve. Remember that even the smallest gestures can help. Recycle, reuse, and don’t waste!  If you need some ideas, here are just some of the measures that we take in my family:

  • Recycle.  Not everything belongs in the trash, recycle when possible!
  • Reuse.  Not everything is waste after just one use.
  • Conserve water.  Don’t let the shower run, don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth.
  • Don’t over-buy.  Take care when you’re purchasing anything.  Think to yourself “do I really need this?”  And be especially careful when buying produce, too much just gets tossed out and never consumed.
  • Buy from bins.  When possible avoid purchasing items in packages.  This is easy to achieve when purchasing produce.  Go for the fruits and veggies that are in bins and you purchase by weight.  You can get only what you need, you avoid the cost and waste of the packaging, and if you use reusable cloth bags you avoid the waste of plastic.
  • Go solar!  We have solar power for generating hot water.  Not only is it good for the environment but it also cuts down on our electrical bill, double score!  I’d love to be 100% solar but each step is a step in the right direction.
  • Use cloth bags.  Don’t take the plastic or paper bags offered to you in shops, carry around your own cloth bags that you can reuse time after time.  And if they get dingy just wash them (especially the ones you use to purchase food).  Plastic bags are one of the worse things in our landfills.

Those are just a few of the measures we take in my house, what do you do to be friendly to our earth?  Let me know your tips!


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