Getting pregnant is supposed to be easy…isn’t it?

getting pregnant

The other day I got asked if our pregnancy was a planned one.  Well let’s see, it took 3.5 years, a range of tests, being poked and prodded, pills, a surgery, more pills, and injections.  So to say it was planned is a bit of an understatement.

My story with infertility is not an uncommon one, it’s actually much more common than any one of us would like it to be.  We all just assume that when we’re ready to have kids it will be as easy as simply going off birth control.  But the reality for many couples is that it’s a long and complicated road filled with disappointment, shock, tears, and many many prayers.  But even though my story isn’t unique, it’s still somehow a topic that not many people want to discuss.

My husband and I were married for about a year when we decided to just leave it up to nature and see what happens.  So I went to my gynecologist to have my yearly exam and make sure everything was good.  And it was, supposedly.  But then time just kept going by and nothing.  Months and months passed, so we began to wonder if something was wrong.  I went back to my doctor and she immediately began a series of tests, then she sent my husband for tests.  Then there were more tests, and more tests.  It seemed to be an endless cycle of test with no answers.  My doctor was a highly recommended one and yet she didn’t seem to be making any progress in finding answers, so it became clear that we needed a second opinion.  That’s when a bit of fate stepped in, my husband was offered a job in Puerto Rico, so we were moving.

If you’ve ever moved you know it can be a bit stressful so we took a break from the fertility thing and decided to just focus on the move.  I won’t go into details about it but lets just say the move took a lot longer then expected, as in a couple of months longer.  But once we got to Puerto Rico I started my search for the best doctor, and I found him.  Within the first five minutes of meeting him I knew he’d be the one to help us achieve our dream, and he did.  It took another 8 months or so of investigation, treatments, a surgery, and more treatments, but we got there.  We were blessed with a beautiful little miracle, a baby boy.

It’s a strange thing when you first find out you’re pregnant after so long of trying to get there, it takes a while for it to sink in.  When I got pregnant I took at least 5 of those home pregnancy tests and still wouldn’t believe the positive result I was seeing.  It wasn’t until I went to the lab and got a blood test that I finally accepted that it was really happening, that I was really pregnant.  I remember holding that envelope with my test results in my hand and I didn’t want to open it.  I was afraid that it would say that all of the home pregnancy tests had been wrong.  When I did open it and saw that I was indeed pregnant I just cried, happy tears of course.  Then I sent a photo of it to my husband who was at work.  That man has never called me back so fast when he’s working! haha.  It was definitely a happy day.

I’m so grateful that my husband and I are a success story.  We never gave up, we changed doctors (we would have even if we hadn’t moved), we kept going back, we did what we had to do so that we could achieve the dream of parenthood.  It took several years but now we are so blessed to have our precious baby boy.  Our prayers were answered.

I wanted to tell my story not so that I would be showered with sympathetic comments, I wanted to tell my story because it might help even just one person to know that they’re not alone in their struggle.  I know what it’s like to be disappointed month after month, I know the frustration in not knowing why you can’t conceive, I know what it’s like to have your body feel like it’s been given over to medical experiments, and I know how lonely all of that can feel.  When my husband and I were struggling we had each other, but it often felt like we were the only couple having trouble conceiving, and that can feel really lonely.  I would never wish infertility on anyone, but there is a comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.  So if telling my story can bring even just a slight bit of comfort to just one couple, then it’s worth telling.

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Why raising a toddler is like raising a puppy

Raising a toddler is like raising a puppy

It might sound odd to say, but if you’ve ever raised a puppy and a toddler then you’ve probably come to realize that there are some striking similarities between the two.  Here are just some of my favourite examples:


Excitement.  When they get excited over something (such as food), and go running (or crawling) towards you at top speed they often lose their balance and fall due to their extreme level of elation.

Debris.  You need to make sure to pick up anything that is within their reach unless you’re ok with it going into their mouths (and possibly being swallowed)

Teeth brushing.  If you’ve ever brushed a puppy’s teeth then you know what I’m talking about.

Discipline.  When disciplining a puppy or a toddler there is a frequent amount of repetition until they finally concede to the notion that you are the one in charge.

Forgive me eyes. When they’re in trouble they look up at you with their cutest, big beautiful “I’m sorry” eyes in the hopes that you’ll forget all wrong doing and just melt at the cuteness overload.

Raising a puppy or a toddler can be a chaotic stressful turmoil at times, but the joy and unconditional love that you receive in return makes it all undoubtably worth it.
Have I left anything out?  What other silly similarities have you observed?
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Time to plan his first birthday

1st bday planning

I can hardly believe it, but the time has arrived, my precious little angel is soon to turn one year old.  It feels like just yesterday that I was shedding tears when I heard his first cry as he entered this world.  This past year has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, full of love, years of my life.  I have relished every moment of it and the thought of my baby already being one makes me excited and sad at the same time.  But putting all of those emotions aside it’s also time to get down to some serious business, planning his first birthday.

When I first thought of his big day I just figured we’d do a quiet celebration at home with just any family members that happen to be in town (we’re expats so it’s often just us), but then the planned was to travel home for Christmas and his birthday.  So with that plan also came a big, and I mean big, party to celebrate his birthday as well as show him off to all of our family and friends that still have not met him.  I had everything planned out, down to the last detail.  While it was a large party it was an easy one for me to organize because I did it with a planner since I had to plan from another country.  But then life stepped in and as it turns out we cannot travel this year and will be spending Christmas here.  So I cancelled everything I had planned and found myself back at square one.

So here I am, at the beginning again, trying to figure out what I can do to celebrate our little guy.  Since my husband and I had both gotten excited over the idea of a party we now want to continue with that idea, however since we are staying put this year it also means that it will be a much smaller party.  Smaller is good for the budget, but also more complicated because of location.  There are a lot of places that are great for birthday parties but they’re just too big for what we need or simply not age appropriate.  That being said we’ve decided to go with the park that’s close to our house.  It’ll be nice to be outside, there are swings for the kids, and best of all I won’t have to worry about things breaking in my house.  Keeping it small also means that I will be testing out my DIY skills when it comes to the decor, so Pinterest has become my best friend as of late.  Then there’s the menu.  What should I serve?  Should I make it or buy it?  What about the cake?  What do I get for party gift bags?  So many details that on their own doesn’t seem like much when you start to add them up it can get a bit overwhelming.

I have a general idea of what I want but nothing is set and the party is in just a few weeks.  So it’s time for me to sit down, make my lists, and get to shopping.  The last thing I want is to be running around at the last-minute trying to pull this party together.  So this weekend is dedicated to getting all of my decoration purchased (or at least the materials that I need in order to make them all over the next few weeks), decide on the food, beverages, cake, party gift bag, and of course his present.

Rock the mom bod

rock your mom bod

Not long ago I wrote a blog post about being proud of my c-section scar (read it here), and this got me thinking a little bit more about my body.  Yes, I’m proud to own my scar, but am I proud of my post baby body?  Most days I’m ok with it, but some days not so much.  How sad is that?  The most positive thing that came to mind was most days I’m ok with it, well that needed to change.

So naturally I started doing a bit more exercise, I say a bit because the truth is I have a very energetic 10 month old who never sits still so chasing after him is exhausting enough on its own.  So as I’ve been doing these exercises I’m glad to say that I have begun to notice a difference.  If I’m being completely honest the difference I’m seeing is so far not noticeable to anyone else, but I have no problem with that.  You see the thing is, me not feeling great about my post baby body has nothing to do with what other people may or may not think about how I look.  I’ve never been called overweight, I’ve never received an unwelcome comment about me looking different since having a baby, and my wonderful husband still tells me I look beautiful all of the time.  But I felt different, I felt like I hadn’t put in enough effort into recuperating my pre baby body.  The simple act of taking control is enough for me to boost my self-confidence and feel good about how I look in my jeans.  Yes I still want to lose a few pounds, and I know that I will, but focusing on how I feel is much more beneficial.  When you do something that will boost your energy, or boost your mood, you no longer focus as much on what you see in the mirror.  And let’s be honest, giving birth and being a mom means you grew a human being inside your body, you fed that human, you give everything over to that little creature to make sure they’re happy and healthy, that in itself is a pretty amazing thing.

So stop fretting over the image in the mirror and focus on creating a positive energy.  Start eating more healthy meals, or take up a class at the gym, or just start taking your little one for walks around the neighbourhood.  It doesn’t matter how you go about it, as long as your focus is on feeling good.  My body has been through a lot, it’s time I thank it by being kind to it.

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Searching for the changing table

where are all of the changing tables

Ok parents, let’s be honest about something for a minute, how often have you been out with your baby who needs to be changed and there is no changing table to be found?  Depending on where in the world you live this may or may not be a huge problem for you.  But for me, even when I have travelled, I have yet to find a city where this is not an issue.  How is it possible that in 2015 I still cannot go out with my baby feeling confident that no matter where I go I will have access to a change table, let alone a clean one!  Just yesterday I was at a brand new shopping centre that has “family washrooms” that even include those adorable little toilettes for toddlers, but do you think there was a changing table in there?  NOPE!  Not long ago I went out for brunch with some fellow moms and of course the time came that my baby boy needed a change, and guess what?  No change table!  The bathroom wasn’t even large enough to get the stroller in so that I could use that to change him and still maintain some privacy.  Every time I travel home to El Salvador I have to stop in Panama for a connection, well that airport has been under renovation for a long time so there are a lot of improvements, and yet there is not one change table in the entire airport!  I have checked in several washrooms and not one!  My only hope is that by the time I have to travel through there again then maybe they will have finally installed some.  And if this is a problem for me as a mother, just imagine what it’s like for a father.  It’s unbelievable that today it is still assumed that a baby will only be out with his/her mother so of course men do not need a change table in their washroom.  There is no reason why my husband shouldn’t be able to change our baby regardless of if I’m there or not.  Or what about a dad simply wanting to take his baby out without mom coming along?  What about a single dad?  What if the child has two dads?

In the past I’ve seen reports of people complaining because they witness a parent changing their baby in a public area.  Well guess what, most parents would prefer to change their child in private but if you do not have access to a clean changing area then you have to get creative.  And no, I absolutely will not change my child on the floor of a public bathroom.  Would you change yourself on the floor of a public washroom?  Probably not, so don’t expect a parent to do so with a baby.

It’s just crazy to me that we still cannot rely on something so simple like a change table in all public washrooms.  It seems to me that in 2015 it’s about time we acknowledge that parents and babies have the right to enjoy a normal life outside of the home.

Planning for a trip with a baby

planning for a trip

We are planning a quick family getaway in mid November and it has is become clear just how much trip planning changes when you have a baby to consider.  Prior to having a baby any trip was all about the excitement of seeing something new and just going with the flow.  Now that we have a little one I have to plan out so many more details.  So here are some points that I have found necessary to take into account.

Where you will stay.  For this trip we are fortunate enough to stay with some good friends who also have a baby.  This works out great since they too live in the baby world, plus the little ones will be able to play together which is fabulous.  But wherever you decide to stay just make sure you also have somewhere safe for the baby to sleep, ideally a crib.  Most hotels do provide cribs which is great, but in my experience you should always take your own fitted crib sheet.  It has happened to me on two occasions that I call the hotel ahead of time to ensure that they have a fitted crib sheet and yet when I get there it turns out that they do not.  So it’s best to bring one with you just in case.

Climate.  If you’re travelling somewhere with a climate different to your own then you’re going to have to get appropriate clothes for your baby, and we all know that baby clothes are pricey.  I have been faced with this issue on this trip because we are going somewhere cold but we live in the Caribbean so I have no winter clothes for my baby.  To avoid spending a lot of money on clothes he will only use for a few days I’m keeping the items to a minimum.  Luckily he is a very clean baby so this shouldn’t be an issue.  The only things I’ve purchased are two long sleeve tops.  He already has a couple of cardigans so I plan to just use those over his other shirts which should be fine.  Fortunately another mom friend of mine has a warm coat so I’m able to borrow that for the trip.  Always ask around if you can borrow items from someone, but if you have to purchase look for clearance items or bargain shops.

Supplies.  All parents know that a baby requires a lot of supplies (diapers, food, wipes, bottles, etc.) so planning ahead helps.  Make sure to take enough to cover any situation like a flight delay, but if you can purchase things when you arrive to your destination then that will make packing a lot easier.  If you use specialty products that aren’t easily available then you should take those, but if you’re flexible on brands then you can likely get most of what you need wherever you go…unless of course you plan on going to a very secluded location.

Toys.  A baby needs entertainment so you have to take some toys along, but consider the wisely before packing everything you have.  Toys take up a lot of space so just take a couple of his or her favourite items.  For this trip I plan to bring one book, his teddy bear and one other small toy.

Activities.  When you have a little one you need to find activities that are baby friendly, so it helps to do a little research before you go.  But let’s not forget, sometimes a baby has other ideas so don’t get fixated on a plan.  Have a good idea of what fun family things you can do, but be flexible and don’t worry if the plans have to change.  In the end the most important thing is that you’re spending time together as a family and you’ll have great memories of this for years to come.

I have found that by keeping all of these things in mind I can avoid over-packing and unnecessary stress and simply focus on the joy and excitement of travelling and spending time as a family.

Homemade baby food 101

homemade baby food

Have you been thinking about making your own baby food but are overwhelmed by the idea of how complicated and time-consuming it is?  Well guess what, it’s actually very very easy.  I make 90% of what my son eats and it really is super easy and quick.  I still keep store-bought items on hand in case I forget to take out some homemade from the freezer but I only have maybe a handful of store-bought jars in the house.

Here is what you need to make your food:

  1. Fruits and veggies.  Fresh and frozen both work well.  I buy only organic for my son but I do the same for my husband and I anyhow.  Frozen items are often looked at as less health but in reality (if frozen properly) they are just as good as the fresh option.  This is great because sometimes I cannot get the fresh option but the frozen is often available.
  2. A steamer.  I have a stove top vegetable steamer that I use.  This is an item that I already owned and used prior to baby, you really do not need to buy a special one just for your little one.
  3. A blender.  This is another item that I already had in my kitchen, there really isn’t a need to buy the special baby blenders, as long as you have a properly working blender in your home that will do just fine.
  4. Storage containers.  There are a couple of ways you can approach the freezing and storage process.  The best space saver is to simply use an ice-cube tray to freeze the food, and then store the food cubes in a labelled ziplock bag.  But if you prefer you can also use plastic (pba free of course) food containers.  If you do use plastic containers I recommend that you get small ones so that you can take out only what you will use for that day (you can also get containers at any baby store that are intended for baby food storage).

Here are the steps to making the baby food.

  1. For fresh foods: steam them until soft (make sure to first peel items such as sweet potato/potato, apples, etc).  Frozen: boil or steam if necessary, some frozen fruits can simply be defrosted.
  2. Place your prepared food into the blender, some foods may require that you add water and/or milk, and blend until you achieve the consistency you require.  If you’re unsure about the consistency you can use an age appropriate store-bought jar of baby food to see what the consistency you need to achieve.  Just remember that the first foods need to be pureed and small chunks can be added as your child grows and switches to more solid foods.
  3. Fill your containers or ice trays with food and freeze.  I use covered ice trays just to be sure to prevent any sort of contamination that could occur in the freezer.  Once frozen you just pop out your food cubes and store in a labelled ziplock bag.
  4. Every night take out what you will need for the next day.  The benefit to using ice-cube trays is that the food cubes are small so I can take out as many or as little as I wish.  It also makes it easy for mixing foods (i.e. sweet potato with peas).

And that’s it!  It really is that easy!  You can prepare enough food for a month at a time or you can do it on a weekly basis, whatever works best for you.  If you have doubts on when to introduce which foods to your little one just follow the guidelines set by your paediatrician.  My son is now 10 months old and I have found that he actually prefers my homemade food to the store-bought.

If you have any questions about the steps just let me know!

I’m proud of my c-section scar


Yup, you read that title correctly, I’m proud to own my c-section scar.

Lately there has been a lot of push-back against c-section births.  The big thing right now seems to be a movement to reduce the number of c-section births and empower women to not fold under the pressure of a doctor and to have a natural birth no matter what.  I agree that no woman should be forced or pressured into an unnecessary surgery of any kind, and I agree that a c-section should not be performed unless it is medically necessary.  What I do not agree with is this notion that a woman who gives birth via c-section has somehow opted for the “easy way out.”

It has happened to me, on a few occasions now, that a group of moms will be swapping birth stories and as soon as they hear that I did not have a natural child-birth some will completely tune me out at best, and at worse I get the eye roll with the “I would never have allowed that kind of unnecessary procedure” speech.  Again with the mom shaming attitudes.  Just because I had a c-section does not make me any less of a mother nor does it make my birthing experience any less beautiful.  There is absolutely nothing easy about undergoing a c-section.  It’s a surgery that takes a long time to recover from and you have to deal with that pain for several days.  Not being able to walk properly, much less get up quickly, when you have a newborn baby crying out to you is not what I would consider “the easy way out.”  I do not try to diminish the pain of labour and contractions, so don’t try to diminish the pain of my surgery.

When I went into the hospital the day of my son’s birth, I was just as nervous and anxious to meet him as any other mother is on that special day.  When he was born I was overwhelmed with emotion, his first cry made me cry from the joy of his arrival.  The way in which he entered this world does not take away from any of that.

The worst part of being judged is knowing that someone just automatically assumed that there was no medical reason for me to undergo a c-section, and yet they know nothing about my story, they didn’t even ask.  I think it’s great to bring awareness to any issue, and I have no problem with anyone promoting what they believe in, but don’t make assumptions about other people or judge them for their choices.

So to anyone who wants to look down their nose at me for having a c-section I say I’m proud of my scar.  I’m glad that I got to experience the miracle of pregnancy, to feel a human being growing inside of me, and to bring a happy, healthy baby boy into the world.  My scar is there as a reminder of the pain and sacrifice that I was willing to endure so that I could experience the joy of motherhood.  And please, stop telling any mother what her birth experience should have been like.  You get a say over your delivery, not on anyone else’s.

Let’s finish the mom war


The day I found out I was pregnant was the happiest day of my life.  My husband and I, just like so many other couples, struggled for several years to conceive a child.  So when I realized that I had a beautiful miracle growing inside of me I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion.  Since that day I have done my absolute best, every single day, to be a good mother to my baby.  And like many other women I was surprised by certain realities about pregnancy and motherhood that no one prepares you for.  But the most shocking reality that I was completely unprepared for was the “mom shaming” (also known as the “mommy wars”).  I was not expecting mothers to be so critical about other mothers, and it starts from the moment you are pregnant.  First it’s all about what you’re eating (or not eating), which vitamins are you taking, are you exercising, how will you decorate the nursery, and will you have the dreaded c-section.  So many women look down upon any mother who had a c-section assuming she “took the easy way out” (which if you’ve ever had one you know there is absolutely nothing easy about it) without even considering that she probably had medical circumstances that required it.  Then once the baby arrives it’s all about if you breastfeed, how do you breastfeed, don’t you dare feed them formula, what diapers do you use, what shampoo do you use, etc.  And this criticism just goes on and on as your precious baby grows through the different stages of life.

When did mom’s become so critical?

Here’s my message to all of those bully moms out there: give it a rest!  Don’t judge another mother for her choices.  You never know what is behind that choice, we all have different circumstances in life and that influences the decisions we make.  Most women who have c-section births do so because a natural one would be too dangerous to the baby and/or her.  Some moms don’t breastfeed because they’re on important life saving medication that they need to take but it would be harmful for the baby to ingest.  Some moms choose to feed their babies only organic foods, while others don’t see the need for it.  Some moms make all of their baby food while others prefer to purchase.  None of these decisions are bad ones, they’re all just different options and each mom must figure out what is best for her and her baby.  Lets stop the judgement.  After all, every mom out there is just trying to do the best she can for her family.  We all want our babies to grow into happy, healthy adults, and we’re all just doing the best that we can.  Every mom has moments of self-doubt, every mom is her own worst critic, the last thing any mom needs is to also deal with judgement from others.

So lets all make a commitment to celebrate and uplift all mom’s.  Lets support and build each other up.  Let’s all join the mommitment movement and do our best to be kind and to spread love to all mom’s.


Como muchas parejas, mi esposo y yo luchamos durante varios años para poder conseguir un embarazo, y el día que nos enteramos que estábamos esperando a un angelito fue el día mas feliz de nuestros vidas.  Desde ese día he esforzado a darle todo lo mejor a mi bebe.  Y como muchas mujeres me sorprendí con ciertas realidades de un embarazo y de ser mamá que no esperaba.  Pero lo más preocupante de todo es la falta de apoyo que demuestran muchas madres hacia otras madres (conocido como la “la guerra de mamás”).  Muchas mujeres comienzan a criticar a otras desde el momento que están embarazadas, critican lo que comen, lo que hacen, si toman vitaminas, como decoraran el cuarto del bebé, si tendrán parto natural o cesárea, etc.  Hay muchas mujeres que dicen que una mujer que da a luz por medio de un cesárea es porque no quiere hacer el trabajo de un parto natural y solo busca una opción fácil (pues si creen que un cesárea es fácil entonces es obvio que nunca lo ha experimentado).   Después critican si amamantas, si lo están haciendo bien, si le das formula a tu bebé, que tipo de pañal usas, etc.  Nunca tiene fin, las criticas siguen con cada etapa de la vida de tu bebé.

¿En que momento tantas madres comenzaron a juzgar tanto?

A todas esas mamás les quiero pedir que ya dejen de criticar tanto.  No tienen derecho de juzgar cada decisión que toma una madre cuando ni conocen las circunstancia de su vida.  Muchas mujeres deben someterse a un parto por cesárea por razones médicas que impiden el parto natural.  Muchas mamás deben alimentar a sus bebés con formula ya que ellas deben tomar medicamentos y seria peligroso pasarlo al bebé.  Algunas madres deciden cocinar toda la comida que da a su bebé, otras deciden comprarla, alguna solo compran comida orgánica mientras que otras no ven la necesidad, algunas usan pañales desechable y otras optan por pañales de tela.  Ninguna de estas opciones son malas o equivocadas, simplemente son diferentes y cada madre debe decidir que es lo que mejor conviene para su familia.  Por favor, no juzguemos.  Todas queremos hacer lo mejor para nuestros hijos.  Todas nos esforzamos a diario para ser la mamá que nuestros hijos merecen.  Todas tenemos momentos en que dudamos nuestras decisiones, todas nos autocriticamos, no necesitamos también luchar contra las criticas de los demás.

Les pido a todas este compromiso; apoyo.  Debemos apoyarnos mutuamente, hagamos el compromiso para demostrar siempre amor y apoyo.

Baby proofing; do I really need to?


We reached an exciting milestone yesterday, my little guy crawled for the first time!  I knew it was coming, he’s been so close to crawling for a while now, but yesterday he actually did a proper crawl across the room.  So exciting!  I love seeing him reach his milestones and just grow and discover this world.  Now that the excitement of the moment has passed I need to think about something really important, baby proofing!

Where do I start?  How much is really necessary?

Ok so I definitely need to do some baby proofing, unless I plan on having someone literally watch him and be right by him at all times, and that’s just not going to happen.  So it’s time to make this house a safer environment for a baby on the move.  There is soooooo much baby proofing stuff out there it can be very overwhelming.  I mean is all of this stuff really necessary?  I know my parents didn’t have all of these things when I was a baby and here I am, still happy and healthy!  So I’ve decided to take things slowly.  I’m going to keep a close eye on my little guy and see what kind of mischief he gets up to and take measures based on that.  The three main proofing things I have already done is place a baby gate to block what is essentially a junk room, I’ve covered all of our electrical outlets, and I’ve baby proofed the doors to the kitchen cupboards that contain chemicals.  Other than that I’m going to wait and see if any of that other stuff is really necessary.  I’ve talked to a lot of moms and most of them say that much of the other baby proofing things are just unnecessary money grabs.  So wish me luck, we’ll see how it goes!

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¡Ayer mi hijo gateo por primera vez!  Es súper emocionante verlo lograr estas etapas importantes de la vida, me pongo algo sentimental cada vez que aprende algo nuevo.  Ahora que va a estar moviendo por si mismo debo pensar en como protegerlo y tomar las medidas de seguridad apropiadas en la casa.  ¿Pero que tanto es realmente necesario?  Hay tantas cosas que uno puede comprar para proteger al bebe en la casa, sin embargo después de consultar con varias mamás, muchos de esos productos realmente no son necesarios.  Ya instale una reja para bloquear un cuarto que básicamente es un guarda todo, cubrí todas las tomas eléctricas, e instale seguros a prueba de niños para que no puede abrir la gaveta de la cocina que contiene los químicos (jabón, etc.).  Por el momento eso es todo lo que voy a hacer, prefiero vigilarlo bien y esperar a ver si será necesario instalar alguna otra medida de seguridad.  Lo que quiero evitar es comprar muchas cosas que al final ni son necesarias.  Cada niño es diferente, hay que ver que tipo de travesuras va a inventar.

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