Do bloggers have the right to privacy?

Do bloggers have the right to privacy

As a blogger, is it fair to get annoyed if someone reposts or reblogs your content?  In the past I have seen bloggers request that others not reblog or share their posts without their prior consent because they are posting personal information, including photos of their children, and do not want these things randomly and anonymously shared. Is this a fair request to make?  When we post to the internet should we do so knowing that it is forever out there and open to sharing by the public?  If we don’t want other people to have access to our photos and stories, should we just stop posting them?  Or do we have the right and privilege to insist that the posts are our own private information and no one may use them?

I’m really interested to know what the blogging world thinks about this, tell me where you stand!  Do bloggers have the right to privacy?